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2014 Program & Links
April 2014 Tour my sewing room

2013 Program & Links

August Program pages:
Directional Fabric
How Many Squares and How Many Inches....
Quilt Backing
Quilter's Math - The Basics, p 1
Quilter's Math- The Basics, p 2
Sears Floor Scrap Quilt
What Size Is It

January Program

Links via Youtube:
(If you are not familiar with videos, once you click the link, look at the bottom right corner of the video for a rectangle that is broken up. If you put your mouse on top, it should say "Full Screen". Select this to make the video Full Screen. When the video is over, move your mouse again to the same area, and it should say "Exit Full Screen". If not, simply remember to press the "ESC" or Escape key in the upper Left corner of your keyboard.

Ladder Stitch
Wendi Gratz
Also known as the Blind Stitch to some.

3-D Applique
This was not as easy to find online, but this is what I could find:
A Gathered Garden This is a book for sale.
One Piece at a Time This is a blog, so please be kind and follow any rules she has. Links and such:

Quilt Retreat
See our special page in the tabs at the top of the page.


Simple Travel List
Must Haves for a retreat, camp or class

Microwave Fabric Bowls
Courtsey of
You can still watch the Home of the Brave Interview at:
Carole Gaubert’s interview on Marquis and Odyssey Quilts can be viewed at:
Our next program will be in the new year.
Each lasts 26 minutes.