Friday, October 24, 2014

Guild Auction Committee

Didn't we have a "hot" time at our Auction? It was a fun night with great auctioneering, beautiful decora-tions, and a delicious sit-down meal (some people loved our "hot" veggies). And it couldn't happen without YOU! Thanks to all of you who donated items for the auction; the room was full! I know I had a great time and I hope you did as well!
Thank you again from your Auction Committee

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guild Auction Committee

There is only the August meeting left to bring your donations for the Guild Auction!! We've received some really nice items and we're waiting for yours! Keep in mind that everyone loves theme baskets: ULL, LSU, Saints, Cooking, Gardening, Children’s, Quilting notions, Cross Stitch, Chocolate, Movie, Spa… the list goes on. Don’t forget those baked goodies we all love so much too! Auction Tickets will be on sale for the dinner ($25) and for the Ticket Auction ($1 each) at the August meeting. Look for the Auction Table in Grandstaff Hall at the meetings.

Auction Work Day is Tuesday, September 16, 9am at Northwood Church in Grandstaff Hall.

The last day to purchase your dinner ticket will be at the August Guild Meeting. If you know you will not be able to make it, please call Danielle Colvin or simply mail $25 to her address below.

August Fat Quarter Donation color: Christmas Colors!!
(You can also donate scraps if no FQs on hand!)

Don’t forget to ask guests to come!

Thanks so much!
Danielle Colvin
The Auction Committee

Program Notes

Nadine Can will introduce the annual QGA Quilt Challenge.
Candy Bergeron will discuss the Giving Quilt Challenge.

Renee Borne will be available so members can purchase the required material (an coordinating fat quarters) for the Giving Quilt Challenge.

We will also offer the first Video Spotlight on Hunter Star and Tube (Hourglass) Quilt Block.

Allbrands will be the vendor.

President's Message

Amy's Article
Quilting in the 21st Century
Someone recently pointed out that 2015 will mark the 25th anniversary for Quilters’ Guild Acadienne. Wow! That’s amazing. I wonder if the 28 charter members ever imagined that the group would continue for 25 years and grow to over 150 members. It has made me think about how much has changed over the past 25 years and wonder were we’ll be in another 25.

The biggest change of course, has been technology – computers, internet and cell phones… Oh My! At the time QGA was founded, it was thought by many that quilting was in danger of becoming a lost art. But the internet has helped create a renewed interest in quilting and given birth to an entirely new generation of quilters. The quilting industry is booming now. But the new quilter is different in so many ways from the quilters of the past.

Quilting was once a skill a girl learned from her mother or grandmother. But this is not the case for the 21st century quilter. For most new quilters, sewing has skipped at least one generation and their interest comes from memories of grandmothers’ quilts and photos found on Pinterest. Although they may no longer have a family member who can teach them to sew, they can now learn just about anything from Google, You-tube, and Blog Tutorials. Quilting was also once a love shared by women who gathered with close friends in their homes to quilt together. Today’s quilters are quilting along with others across the globe. They’re quilting friends are people they’ve never even met, but they have connected via Facebook and quilt together through online Quilt-Alongs. They are embracing new styles like modern and art quilting, although they respect and admire the styles that have come before them.

While the new quilter has access to infinite information and can connect with a global network of fellow quilters, nothing can take the place of learning in person and sharing a passion by gathering in the same room as others who feel the same. The internet can never offer this opportunity, but a guild can.

But in order to continue on for another 25 years, we will have to adapt to appeal to the 21st century quilter. So our guild is now entering a time of transition where we must conform to the changing times and at the same time continue to appeal to the previous generation. While we must embrace new things like the internet, modern quilting and be open the different ideas brought in by new members, we must also maintain our history and traditions. But one thing that won’t change is that we all love quilting and want to maintain a group where quilters of all different types feel welcome.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

New links and Pages

Information on the Marquis de Lafayette Quilt is now in it's own page at the top right of the website.
The few pictures I have of the unveiling of the quilt are located on the Shutterfly page. Just click on the link "Photo Gallery" in the right column and they are located under July.

I have also had a chance to upload the notes Diane Redfern used for the August Program. This is located under the page "Downloads & Links". Lots of handy numbers...