Saturday, March 24, 2018

Block of the Month (BOM) #3

Churn Dash also found under block names : Broken Plate, Double Monkey Wrench, Double T, Dragon's Head, Fisherman's Reel, Hens and Chickens, Hole in the Barn Door, Indian Hammer, Puss in the Corner.........Shoo Fly and more. 

"Why so many names?", one might ask.    There's always a story, and the churn dash has one. 

Churn Dash

Picture credit:  National Parks Service  ~ Quilt Discovery Experience

The homesteader's life and their daily activities contributed names to many quilt blocks. Nineteenth century quilts reflect what women saw around them, and what was important in their lives, such as the churn, a common household item.
A quilt historian says that quilts had characteristics so localized that they could be classified geographically almost as easily as the Yankee twang or the southern drawl. But as the homesteaders traveled West, blending together on the trail and in the new territories, the patterns became intermingled and renamed.
The Churn Dash pattern, for example, has 21 different variations and names. But, whatever the name, one can be certain it was meaningful to the maker, for even the simplest quilt represented a considerable investment of time and energy. And when the cold winter winds blew snow through the chinked cracks of the log cabin, a quilt was a welcome cover, whatever its name.

The how-to-link PDF , including pictures of quilts using the churn dash block for design ideas as we lay out blocks for our own quilt top.   



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

And now for our regularly scheduled program ~

Quilters' Guild Acadienne will feature fiber artist and quilter Judy Holley as the guest programmer at March 22 meetings 9:30 a.m and 6 p.m. at Northwood Methodist Church.  Judy, a well known quilt designer and Gulf States Quilt Association  instructor,  will share her knowledge and talent with us in her program 'Service Quilts With A Twist'.  Judy has been featured in a Quilt Inspiration blog post:  Treasures of the Gulf States and Folk Life in Louisiana

Judy is passionate about community service and was instrumental in founding Wasted Women, a quilting group that recycles  fabric into community service quilts.  Wasted refers to the use of donated fabrics often left over from other projects. 

Judy specializes in  the New York Beauty and Pineapple Quilts and will be leading workshops Friday and Saturday on constructing  the Pineapple block.  In this workshop, students will explore pineapple block possibilities.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Let's Get Organized ~

From the September, 2016,  Let's Get Organized Series at The Quilt Show Daily Blog.....well worth the read for those who more often than not find themselves at the computer or sewing machine table.

And a further search lead me way back to October, 2011....a post found at Wee Mindings  about the blog author's breathing problems created by her poor posture.  Do you get the picture!

Source:  Wee Mindings - The Perils of Poor Posture



Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Notes from Amy Aderman's Free Motion Quilting Program!

You remember Amy.  She's the one who wowed Quilters' Guild Acadienne with her free motion quilting program and workshop. 

Amy Aderman quilts

Thank you Amy for giving us your notes as reminders and to look for inspiration.  Reprinted here with your permission, of course. 

Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) Schmetz Needles:  *Microtex/Sharp     *Topstitch     *Embroidery     *Metallic     *Jeans Needles.    Experiment to find what works best for you!  Change Needles often!

Use high quality thread

Pressing & Starching:  Before quilt sandwich assembly:  Make sure the quilt top and back are pressed and have no fold creases.  Starching, especially the back, helps the quilt glide easily and reduces tucks and puckers. 

Gravity is your enemy!  Arrange your space so that your quilt cannot hang off the table.   The weight of your quilt will fight against you causing bad quilting and strain on your body.

Leah Day -  @ Free Motion Quilting great for beginners.  Be sure to read Leah's 'advise to quilters' column on the blog sideboard.    Leah is the creator of The Free Motion Quilting Project blog with free tutorials for beginners and hundreds of videos on various quilting designs.  Leah also has a shop @

Angela Walters - Long arm quilter who also teaches FMQ.  She has a great attitude to encourage beginners and helps take the fear out of quilting.  Quilting Is My Therapy.  Be sure to sign up for the free motion challenge quilting along that began February 7. 

Angela's words of wisdom:  Don't for machine quilters.....
  • Don't compare your worst with anothers'  best.  Comparison is the thief of joy.
  • Don't point out your mistakes
  • Don't forget the purpose of your quilt
  • Don't forget that a finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt top
Christa Watson - great teacher for beginners @ Christa Quilts.   Good spray basting and wall basting tutorials.

Lori Kennedy - tutorials for simple to advanced quilting motifs @ The Inbox Jaunt

Amy Johnson -  U-tube video tutorials and quilting with rulers @  Free Motion Quilting Adventures

Christina Cameli -  @ A Few Scraps  Click on free motion designs and free motion quilting

Karlee Porter - created graffiti quilting@ Karlee Porter Designs

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gail Garber....teaching through the area

Gail Garber....her schedule is fast and furious.  Check it out to see if there are openings in classes near you.

"Almost Modern" is Gail's take on the value of negative space in quilting.  Pieced by Afton Warrick and quilted by Kris Vierra and was published in January, 2017, American Quilter (pattern included).
This is just a sampling. You'll want to check out her gallery to get the full value of her designs.  But don't be's said that what appears difficult is made quite easily with Gail's hands on instructions. 

Tuesday, April 17 - River City Guild, Baton Rouge, LA 
Scrumptious Star Stitchery workshop   ~ 10 spots remaining  
Contact: Elena Acosta   
phone: (225) 313-0402          

Tuesday, April 17 -  Remember Me, Baton Rouge, LA
A History Lesson Lecture        
Contact: Lori Steib 
Wednesday, April 18 -  Remember Me, Baton Rouge, LA
Sensational Stars Workshop   ~ 10 spots remaining
Contact: Lori Steib 
phone: (225) 252-5030                      

Thursday, April 19 -  Cajun Country Quilters, Gonzales, LA
Little Goose Workshop   ~ 3 spots remaining 
Contact: Sherry Herringshaw
Friday, April 20 - 21            Bay Oaks Quilters Guild , Kiln, MS
The Goose is Loose (2-day Workshop)   ~ waiting list
Contact: Therese Springer

Monday, April 23       Ozone Layers, Covington, LA 
Little Goose Workshop   ~ waiting list
contact: Anne Sarphie
phone:  (985) 892-2458
Tuesday, April 24      Jackson Quilters Guild, Jackson, MS
Little Goose Workshop    ~ waiting list      
Contact: Dorinda Evans
phone:  (601) 331-7778
Wednesday, April 25   Island Quilters, Gulf Shores, AL
Little Goose Workshop   ~ 10 spots remaining      
Contact: Michelle McMillan

Thursday, April 26    Pensacola Quilters’ Guild, Pensacola, FL
A History Lesson Lecture    
Contact:  Cena Harmon
Friday, April 27            Pensacola Quilters’ Guild, Pensacola, FL
Designing Circular Borders Workshop   ~   5 spots remaining
Contact:  Cena Harmon
Saturday, April 28      GSQA Quarterly Meeting, Pensacola, FL  - Your newsletter will have details of location and directions.
Free-Form Art Quilts            Pensacola, FL

Sunday, March 4, 2018

How'd You Do That?

Make bias binding the easy way with Laura Coia @ Sew Very Easy ~

Is it true?  Laura gets 324 inches of 2" wide binding out of a half yard.  And 130-40 inches with just one fat quarter.  Go forth and sew very easy. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Free Motion Challenge Quiltalong

Yes, and yes, don't we love a challenge, especially when we are having fun while getting better at what we love to do.   Yes, Angela Walters of Quilting Is My Therapy is hosting a ten week free-motion quilting challenge.

And how timely since Amy Aderman recently shared her free-motion quilting skills on her domestic with  Quilters' Guild Acadienne members in her program and workshops.  No doubt Amy told you over and over that it takes practice and even more practice to be the free-motion quilter you want to become. 

Angela Walters is saying the same and believes in practice so much that she's putting us to the challenge test. 

Here's the intro but you can click on Angela's email link and get her videos as soon as they hit the air.   All the Angela Walters' videos stay on U-Tube.

What's in this for me?   It's motivation to practice....leading to proficiency and a very comfortable level with those free-motion quilting skills and we may even win a prize!  Rev up that machine and get quilting. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pictures are priceless ~

The adage "pictures are worth a thousand words" really holds true when the language is one not known to me.  That being said.....don't these quilts on display speak volumes about color theory.
Color Improvisation 2 - Modern Quilts, a traveling exhibition curated by Nancy Crow.

Here's a sampling photo of these very large, very impressive quilts in color on display.   


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Watching The Young Grow ~

Yes, there's always a story.....and here is Polly's story about last Wednesday's sew day at the library.

Polly always sends out the invitation that anyone is invited to come - "just bring your own scissors. "

The saga continues.  Polly delivered the supplies to the library right on schedule on sew day morning, then ended up in the emergency room with pneumonia.  Oh, my!   But Paula was on hand to save the sew day for the juniors. 

Paula  helped one young sewist embroidery initials on her outgrown jacket.  What a sweet heart. 

Embroidery machine provided for the junior group by Lafayette Public Library

Job completed.  The personalized and almost like new jacket is now ready for a younger cousin to enjoy. 

Embroidery initials to personalize jacket

There's never a dull moment with Cara around.   Here she is modeling her fox head mask made especially for the library yoga classes.  Filled with flax seed and lavender to enhance the moments of relaxation.  How fun. 

A grandmother and granddaughter teamed up to make a pillow and enjoyed the process so much, they went off in search of more fabric....remembering that they had an old Kenmore machine in the attic that might just fill the bill to continue sharing the love of sewing together. 

A story with a happy ending is a love story.    This Valentine Day, 2018,  while off to a rocky start, allowed for good works to be  completed, new friends to be made and I'm happy to report,  Polly is on the mend and thankful that the Junior Sew Day went right on as planned.