Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I found the most delectable scrap happy quilt on a favorite blog - Red Pepper Quilts - that was worthy of sharing.  Using Rita's comments on construction and this delectable mountains block  how-to from The Fat Quarter Shop, I'll bet your scrap pile will diminish quickly. 

Photo Credit Red Pepper Quilts Pinterest 

Don't want to make your own.... shop Red Pepper Quilts on Etsy!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Yesterday Revisited: BOM 8 ~ Pieced Star

  Enjoy BOM # 8 - It's A Star.

Pieced Star PDF....this block as named by Ruby McKim in her book 101 Patchwork Patterns

THERE are many lovely versions of the star quilt piecing, varying from four points to eight, and even a feather edged pattern which scintillates with small points along all edges of its large ones. Star blocks have been named for many localities, Northumberland Star, California, St. Louis, and Chicago Star, which by the way, is quite different from the “Shooting Star!” Some are named for people, as “Dolly Madison’s Star” and the “Cowboy’s Star.” There are Morning and Evening versions, falling, flying, rising, rolling, and joining stars, perhaps a hundred varieties of this basic motif. The one here given is an airy, open-looking block about 11 inches square. It is made by piecing 8 small squares from two triangles each, and four oblong blocks of three triangles each, then sewing them together in the block as shown. Star blocks may be set together with alternate plain squares placed either horizontally or diagonally on the quilt. Here they make a handsome coverlet with white strips about 3 inches wide between two blocks joining with a 3-inch square of print at the corners, if seams are added. Material Estimate: 28 plain blocks, and 28 pieced, 7 wide and 8 long, finishes 77 inches by 88 inches. Allow: 5 1/2 yards white, 3 1/2 yards print.

Thank you Pinterest....for this pieced star eye-candy

Friday, August 31, 2018

Quilters' Guild Bazaar

Save the date.....Saturday, November 3rd from 1pm -'s just around the corner  at 120 Duson VFW Hall Road - it's the 2018 QGA Holiday Bazaar. 

What's this QGA Holiday Bazaar about anyway?    Well, it's an event for guild members, family and guests to enjoy delicious snacks, play some fun games, enjoy demonstrations and win prizes!

  • Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Layer-cake Walk
  • Quilt Trivia Competition
  • Wreath-making Demonstration
  • Mini Quilt Competition

And what's a Holiday Bazaar without food
  • There will be crock pot soup tasting - and with that comes the recipe
  • Holiday Cookie tasting and recipe
  • Food table with pies, cakes, breads, jellies and jams for sale
  • Beverages (alcohol and non) will be sold at VFW Hall Bar.  VFW restricts drinks brought into the hall

So, yes, go ahead and save the date.  Tickets may be purchased at QGA guild meetings or at the VFW Hall door. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

From The Quilting Company...... The Power of Yes authored by Mary Kate Karr-Petras is a spotlight on Sherri Lynn Wood and her improvisational style quilt-making. 

photo courtesy of

Sherri Lynn will be the QuiltCon 2019 keynote speaker and her mantra is not to reject but to add what might seem to be a mistake into her quilt with the "yes, and" attitude.  She encourages finding what you do like and grow the quilt from there with the "yes, and" rather than "yes, but" talking-to-self dialog. 

Enjoy reading  Mary Kate's article and get excited all over again about The Power of Yes.....not just for quilt-makers. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Focus on Fabric ~

Let's focus on Robert Kaufman - the fabric, that is!  Especially the Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun, just out.  

Here's "Maritime Quilt" ~ a free pattern from Robert Kaufman's to help us jump start using that fabric collection.  The pattern, designed by modern quilt designer, Heather Black, who blogs as Quilt-achusetts, also includes hints for matching stripes. 

And the completed Maritime Quilt made by Heather beautifully showcases the Essex Homespun. 

Maritime Quilt
Designed by Heather Black for
Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun Fabric Collection


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Save My Bleeding Quilt~

Great explanation by Vicki Welsh on how to stop the fabric bleed.....Save My Bleeding Quilt .    You can always find Vicki at Colorways by Vicki..... her website where we can catch up with her on her daily blog, where she sells hand dyed fabrics, where she has gallery upon gallery of her quilts and those of her customers.  

Here's Suzy's view on how to save that quilt, blogged about HERE

Both Vicki and Suzy agree that working with what may become problem fabric before cutting is the best solution, there is hope in saving a quilt with fabric bleed after construction.   They also both agree that soaking time is our best friend, that Syntrapol (while a good product) isn't required and that Dawn Ultra Pure dish detergent is their go to soap to get that bleeding job done! 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Hold on to those sparklers

Sparkler fabric collection by AGF Studio is a standout featured in the "Astra" quilt.....a free pattern download - just click HERE.

Astra Quilt Pattern featuring
Sparkler fabric collection
AGF photo credit

A Sparkler fabric sampling...just to whet your appetite!
AGF photo credit

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fearless Quilting The QS 1807

My favorite Quilt Show episode free for non-members to watch through December, 2018.  Of course, if you are a QS member, then it's there for you any time.  Oh, the advantages of the privilege to subscribe! 

But back to totally fearless and whose wisdom about pushing the limit and letting go continue to inspire me and help push the fear aside, if even temporarily.  Go see for yourself and watch to the end for Katie and Ricky's dialog on inspiration.