Saturday, October 21, 2017

Do You Purl Soho?

If not, then do... Purl Soho is a wonderful site filled with inspiration for the knitters and purlers and quilters and more. With their offerings of so many free tutorials and patterns - well, it's just a  no-brainer. 

Here's todays find....and what with winter coming our way, who couldn't use a knit shawl.  On those mildly cool days that we so often have here in the deep south, a shawl is all that is needed to ward off a chill. 

Purl Soho Elementary Wrap

Finished with that knit project....then, let's get back to quilt-making.  Here's an easy start:

The Prism Quilt in Liberty of London fabrics:

Purl Soho.....where you can shop and create.  Now,  that's a good thing!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How'd you do that?

How to mount quilts on canvas?  Do you have that perfect art quilt that deserves to be spotlighted... one that needs to stand out from the crowd?   Here's the best tutorial on how to mount your quilt so it becomes a special piece of art.    Found at Wendy Hill Happenings - here's how the talented fiber artist, Judy Simmons did that! 

Mounting Quilts on Canvas by Judy Simmons a fiber artist
@Windy Hill Happenings

I can also see a fragment of an heirloom quilt that's  been handed down preserved and displayed mounted on canvas.  Or what about an unfinished quilt block?  Oh, the possibilities of mounting fabric on canvas.  


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Refresh those paper piecing skills.....

Yes, the perfect way to refresh those paper piecing skills -  Folkwood Rabbit Pillow.....a free paper pieced pattern by Danica Willig Designs using Folkwood fabric designed by Rae Ritchie.  And, in case you need to know, Hawthorne Threads has a little bit of Folkwood rabbit fabric in pink and also a beautiful chocolate brown. 

Picture credit to
Danica Willig Designs

right into this paper pieced design.
I'll be right behind you so don't stop now!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Jolly Braid Totebag

It's a Jolly Braid Totebag

Kimberly put a smile on my face this morning.  No, it's not just another tote tutorial!  There are lessons to be learned. 
  • How to make braids easily using braids triangle on a roll sheets.
  • How effectively Kimberly uses Wonder Clips rather than pins in heavy fabric areas.
  • How to make a tote strap more dense with Annie this. Side note with a smile for those going to Houston, Annie Bags will be there!
  • How to easily box the bag.  I've struggled with this for easy life is! Beginning on minute 9 in the video. 
And enjoy, as I did, the intensity on Kimberly's face as she does the big reveal pulling the bag out of the lining. 

Looking for a way to quickly sew gifts for the holiday season?
Looking for a project to make as a group?  For a guild program? 
 Now you have it.
Go to the big screen and


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Scrap Happy Scrap Buster Quilts

It's was just a pile of scraps - a few days ago! And, as the song goes, 'baby, won't you look at her now?'  A beautifully pieced pile of Christmas fabric by Mary Duhon Louviere.  Mary says,

"I do a lot of Christmas projects so 2-3 years ago I started sewing the scraps together to make 5 inch blocks and saving all unused triangle blocks. When I felt I had enough I put them together with white sashing. I will quilt this one this fall."

And the sweetest note from Kelly Broussard along with a picture of her scrap quilt. 

"Marty, this is the first scrap quilt I made.  I found a picture on Pinterest and completed it in May 2016. I'm working on another scrap quilt using 16 patch stars,  but it's still a wip. 

Kelly Broussard
Ps. I enjoy your blog!  Thanks for posting!"
Kelly, it's scrap quilts such as yours that make my heart sing.
Love, love, love Gloria Raggio's scrap-made tumbling jewel.  
Gloria says this is one of her favorite quilts made from scraps done as a Bonnie Hunter scrap busting challenge.  She used this setting so she wouldn't have to match seams as in a more traditional tumbler setting!! Girl after my own heart. 
And one of my personal favorites, a design idea out of "making quilts" with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.....Greenfields:
Books, oh, my!  Aren't there just a number of books on how to use those fabric scraps in quilts and so many other projects.  Zakka Style helps us use those scraps in 24 projects complied by Rashida Coleman-Hale from bags and totes to potholders, pin cushions and more. 
And Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison: 
Also by Amanda Jean Nyberg is No Scrap Left Behind  with bragging rights to 16 quilt projects. 
An oldie, but certainly a good one to jump start the love. This book continues to make me
Scrap Sally Schneider: 
So, what do you do with your fabric scraps?  Do you organize by the size or shape of the scrap?  by color?   Do you cut in squares or strips? 
Scrap quilting isn't for every quilter just as buying packaged kits isn't for everyone.   So.....if 
 you aren't in love with piecing with fabric scraps.....well, just pass those scraps on. 
But by all means, don't just sit on them! 
Signed:  A Happy Quilter in Scrap Heaven

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Come Go With Me ~

Let's truck on over to the AQS BLOG.....where the lessons of the day are all about free motion quilting .....

free motion quilting design found on AQS Blog Sept, 2017
Free motion quilting design for SQ in a SQ quilt block

free motion quilting design found on AQS Blog Sept, 2017
Free motion quilting design for 9-patch quilt block

What a perfect place to play and practice free motion quilting in quilt sashings ~

La Boheme table runner pictured with fabric designed by Pat Bravo. 
 Pat used scraps of fabric from her Indie Boheme fabric line,  but, you know, not taking away from the beauty of Pat's fabric, any scrap in your pile could make one. 
  That, of course, is my favorite go to place. 

Life is good in free motion.  Come go with me. 


Friday, September 29, 2017

Quiltmakers Help Healing ~

Looking for a way to give back to someone in need?   Oh, how we love you, Nancy Zieman for hosting the originator of Pretty Pockets.  Congratulations, Maryanne Arthur for sharing your idea.  Blessings to you that you are now cancer free. 

Pretty Pockets ~ a spark of joy to help healing

Pretty Pockets..........a perfect solution to put a smile on a face and ease the tug of drain tubes and bulbs on the body after surgery. 

A video from Nancy's Corner sharing the story of Pretty Pockets by Maryanne Arthur.

Creative Blossoms says it beautifully and provides the template to make a Pretty Pocket for yourself or a loved one.  Or, to quote "from a homemade gift to a worldwide giving project to share a small role...." 

Together, we will make a difference.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Angela's "Shattered Frames" Stashbusting Strip Quilt | Midnight Quilt Sh...

Holy Scrap! Grab Angela's FREE pattern and quilting diagram to bust your stash.

Watch on the big screen and enjoy the midnight quilter....Angela Walters.  What a hoot ~  She makes me want to bust some stash NOW!


Follow Me to "Sew Katie Did"

Yes, I've been stalking Katie Pedersen for a number of years....first seeing her quilts at QuiltCon 2013, then 2015 and 2017....well, you get the picture.   She's a quilter who bases herself firmly on tradition with a wonderful fresh and modern twist.  It's worthy of taking note of her use of  fabric, color and value.   Thus, here are a few of my favorite Sew Katie Did tutorials from her blog ~

Dated July 8, 2016 is Katie's Heart Strings quilt  ~ a  block tutorial.  It's a simple string quilt....with a valuable lesson in the use of color and value.  Yes, the layout is special too.    Be still, my heart. 

Katie Pedersen - heart strings quilt

And her "Quilting With Magic Numbers" tutorial   done in August, 2011, is  a must try if you are wanting to do some serious random scrap-busting. 

Katie Pederson - quilting with magic numbers

And the same magic numbers technique in a more contemporary setting.
Katie Pederson - quilting with magic numbers

Katie says that most of us have a fabric stash extraordinaire and the value quilt is a fabulous use of all.   Katie couldn't have said it any better while describing her Value Quilts tutorial going back to March, 2009!  

She says "No worries on making fabrics match,
 we’re going to think in values, or the degree of lightness or darkness of a color."
Katie goes on to say that value is more important than'll just have to go there to benefit from her experience in working with value. 

Katie Pedersen Value Quilt

Katie Pedersen Value Quilt

It was so nice visiting Katie Pedersen via her blog....learning about color and the value of,
 along the way. 
  Hope you enjoy the visit too.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Well, Ain't This Just Slick~

Lovin' Cathy Victor's Web Weaver quilt ~

and her extraordinaire tutorial on her construction of this gem of a quilt. I found her on Moda Bake Shop but Cathy also blogs at Me and My Mum Quilting.  Go see either one for more. 

Pssssssssssst:  Moda Bake Shop puts an  'ambitious' tag on this one!  LOL