Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Triangle Math ~

Whoever said math had to be hard! 

While working on all those orphan blocks Christie gifted me the other day, I found almost enough to get this little floor pallet/quilt done.  I say almost, because I had to make two more blocks and they don't even begin to match the other 18.....but do you think that toddler cares?  No, I don't either.
quilt top measures 34" x 42" - toddler size

When I finished, I realized that this plain Jane didn't make my heart go pitter-patter so had to come up with a plan.  In the Pat Sloan quilt workshop I was a party to a couple of months ago, I learned to take ordinary quilt tops and applique something profound on, this quilt top became background on which to applique a kid-pleasing pattern.

I first put the pink elephants on the 9-patch blocks and the little dears just got lost.  After adding the black with white dots, they came alive again.
quilt top measures 34" x 42" - toddler size
Pink elephants took away a whole lot of plain out of this toddler meant-to-be-used-everyday quilt.

But, back to the point of this post - doing the math for those side, top,  bottom and corner triangles when the quilt blocks are set on point.  Sure, you can do the math and Generations Quilt Patterns has an entire blog post on the topic and how simply the math is done.  BUT, there is also a downloadable, printable chart with the cutting dimensions for those common block sizes.  Keep it  handy and your math is done.
Triangle math....that sounds a lot like geometry to me but I love it. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

What is gingham, anyway?

Encyclopedia Britannica says this about that: 
Gingham, plain-woven fabric, originally made completely of cotton fibres but later also of man-made fibres, which derives its colour and pattern effects from carded or combed yarns. The name comes from the Malay word genggang, meaning “striped,” and thence from the French guingan, used by the Bretons to signify cloth made from striped colouring. Medium or fine yarns of varying quality are used to obtain the plain, checked, or striped effects. The warp and the weft, or filling, may be the same, even-sided and balanced.

Gingham is strong, substantial, and serviceable. It launders easily and well, but lower-textured fabric may shrink considerably unless preshrunk. Prices of gingham have a wide range; designs or patterns run from the conservative to the gaudy. Uses include dress goods, shirting, trimming, kerchiefs, aprons, children’s wear, and beachwear.

And if that isn't enough information, here are just a sampling of fabric companies that have a line of gingham fabric in yardage, or bundles and yes, even rolls in cotton and laminated cotton or flannel,  ticking or oil cloth:
Art Gallery Fabrics, Penny Rose Fabrics, Lecien Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, Stof for Blank Quilting, Windham Fabrics, Marcus Brothers, Henry Glass, Studio E,  Wilmington Prints, Free Spirit, Moda, Cotton and Steel, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures, Northcutt Fabrics.

I found all these while checking out this free pattern - A 3-hour baby gingham quilt.

from The Jolly Jabber - the news feed from The Fat Quarter Shop.  But, here's a heads up....there's a video too and if you watch it, you won't need to download the free pattern.  

 No, this isn't an advertisement.....just thought you'd want to know! 
What's old is new again
and forever timeless.....
Gingham Fabric

***********I amend this post to include my version of this baby gingham - but rather than gingham, I used The Rifle Paper Co. fabric off the shelf.  I also added amended the pattern to add a row of light to one end of the light/medium strip set and a medium to one end of the medium/dark strip set.  I like the balance around the quilt.  My quilt has 11 blocks across and 13 blocks down for a finished size of 55" x 65". 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stay at home while you visit the Road To California ~

Straight out of a magazine....Spring, 2017 issue of Quilts (simple, fresh and fun) and more ~

Page 10......shares One Block, 3 ways:  Road to California combines half-square triangles and squares to make this block.

It's the fabric selection and block placement that totally changes the block appearance.  Do you want a very traditional block using your red, blue, brown and cream scraps?  Then here's the look for you. 

Or, do you want to go oh, so contemporary?.....then choose shades of gray for that monochromatic look. 

Got a kid in you or in your family? Get a very whimsical, juvenile look just by changing up the fabric.  Now, if this doesn't make you smile!!

All People Quilt makes it even easier to get this quilt block done.  Here's their step-by-step Road To California quilt block instruction.

I love it.....getting on The Road to California without even starting the engine. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Festival at Cottonport, Louisiana

I'll just let this poster speak for itself.  But to paraphrase it a bit, come join the fun between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday, September 30th.   It's a first!  The Cotton Quilters' Guild is having a festival:  A Quilt Show, Art Show, Vendor and Craft Booths and of course,  Food. 

It took me a few minutes to find Cottonport on the Louisiana map, but persistence paid off.  It's a little bit North of Opelousas, South of Alexandria, East of I-49 and West of the Mississippi River....which puts it about dead center of the state.   Highways 362, 107 and 29 will get you there, but it does seem that the most direct route would be from I-49.  Exit East toward Bunkie onto State Hwy 115 which will become Hwy 29.   Go through Evergreen then continue on 29 straight into Cottonport.  Just to be on the safe side and to get you there in time to 'pass a good time',  you may want to google map it yourself!

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Val found the best tutorial ~

Thank you Val for sharing this video on your Facebook....I saw it and think Jenny Doan's technique to put a 9-patch on point is a video worth sharing and keeping on file. 

May your day be filled with sunshine and smiles and a bunch of quilt blocks~

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Get Ready: International Quilt we come ~

It's the biggest party of the year for those of us who love quilts.  We just call it "Quilt Festival" and know that we are talking the same language..... The International Quilt Festival, Houston.  2017:   

What's new?  Registration for classes is open and you can do it online this year. 
The three of us who travel to Houston together from Monroe each year put our heads together yesterday and made those important class decisions.  I would love to participate in Katie Pasquini Masopust's  two-day class #101 Artful Log Cabins.  But lo, time won't let me.

If I were a longarm quilter, I would certainly covet being a participant in class #103 Mystical Illusions....Jamie Wallen describes his all day class as learning to breathe new life into your surface quilting. If his workshop schedule is any indication, Jamie is one talented teacher! 

Oh, and the cutest little Santa....a Laura Heine collage quilt "Nick Santa."    It's a pricey class but includes the pattern and all the materials needed to complete this work of art. 

So many talented teachers:  Frieda Anderson, Charlotte AngottiKaren Kay Buckley, Ana Buzzalino, Cindy GrisdelaNoriko Endo, Gyleen X. Fitzgerald, Philippa Naylor, Jane Sassaman.  The teacher list is almost endless. And classes by category starting with applique and ending with that's a lot of classes. Want it, find it, sign up for it. 

 Oh, yes, there are so many great ones this year but the three of us finally decided on an all-day class #318 with Ginny Eckley, "Paint, Print and Enhance" described as learning how to create using layers of paint with both brush techniques and printing.

I don't even have to mention to anyone that shopping starts November 1, a Wednesday night, and continues through Sunday, November 4.   Don't have time for a class:  In addition to the hundreds of juried quilts on display, I counted 40 special exhibits for our viewing pleasure starting with "Traditional Talent Extraordinaire, Sue Garman" and lastly listed "Windchimes",  featuring art by ten members of Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends
When your feet need a break and your tummy needs a fill, then there's the luncheon lectures from noon to 2 p.m. each day. 

Also on the show floor is the Meet the Teachers stage and Open Studios where four artists are working simultaneously in real time in four studio settings. 

Excitement is surely in the air as we anticipate Festival, 2017.  Hope to see you there.

How to Fold A Quilt?

How to fold a quilt?  I've been seeing this idea floating around in the past few days and decided it was time to curb my curiosity so went searching and found this free video by National Quilters Circle.  Kelly Hanson's "How to fold a quilt to prevent damage"   caught my eye. 

And, while there, just click on the video button and see how many free ones there are.  Of course, you have the option to buy into for even more.  Choices, oh, my~

Friday, July 14, 2017

Who Has Talent?

QGA's own Connie Soileau certainly has quite a bit of talent and expresses it beautifully in her Bible Awareness Quilts.   Connie says she got started many years ago when her young friends began to marry.   She would gift each newly wedded couple a quilt she made that embraced marriage scriptures. 

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt

Connie started quilting 42 years ago but took a 20 year leave-of-absence while her children were young.   Connie, who is a member of Krotz Springs Quilt Guild, joined Quilters' Guild Acadienne in 2016 and is a very prolific quilter, having recently completed one Bible Awareness Quilt - but Holy Moses....she's completed 200 or more quilt blocks.  Connie says her goal is to complete one block a day in the upcoming year. 

It's been interesting trying to figure out which bible verse Connie is interpreting in her quilt blocks and enjoyable reading The Bible verses shown to wonder at her interpretation of each biblical legend. 
Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie Soileau's Bible Awareness Quilt Block

Connie admits to  being a modern quilt maker and says "I prefer modern quilts because I don't like to make the same square over and over." 

Congratulations, Connie.  You have talent! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pastel Perfection ~

Good morning quilters. 
What's better with coffee than fabric eye candy. 

A simple design, but what a beauty with bold, geometric fabric from the Kaffe Fassett  Artisan collection for Free Spirit.  Pastel Perfection,  designed by Linda Barrett is ready at this

Pastel Perfection quilt pattern designed by Linda Barrett spotlighting Kaffe Fassett Artisan collection for Free Spirit Fabric

From the Free Spirit writer: 
 "A fun, fast quilt to showcase favorite fabrics with a bold, geometric background. 
 A perfect pattern for almost any feature print!" 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Louisiana ~ Quilt Guild Activity

Sharing Quilt Guild Love
Found on Facebook
It's never too early to save the date 
So put this event on your calendar 
Fall Arts Jubilee
Baton Rouge