Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No. 1 ~ Thrift It ~ Quilt it

Who knew a thrift store find could give so much  pleasure.  It was wonderful to have Sue Welton here at Quilters' Guild Acadienne for meeting presentations  and workshops.  It was all about thrift store shopping finds put into the most delightful quilts. 

Sue Welton quilt made from thrift store's shirts

It was all about plaids and stripes and a few checks too.  It was all about men's shirts and a little bit of Ralph Lauren sheets.

Sue Welton quilt made from thrift store's shirts

Sue took the tiniest left over strings to complete one of my favorites - a string quilt. 

Sue Welton's string quilt

Sue is quite the stage performer, keeping us all alert for her next quip, while stunning the room with just a sampling of her quilts.

Sue Welton

Sue took our imagination to the next level as we learned how to 'de-bone' a big man's shirt. 

We all came away inspired to rethink where we make those fabric purchases and how we use what's on hand just hanging in the closet waiting to be re-discovered.

thrift store shirts

Sue Welton made our weekend a happy one with her enthusiasm and energy.  Thank you, Sue....and do come back. 

Marty Mason

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