Tuesday, June 6, 2017

No. 2 ~ On The Web ~

Agonize no more!  While I'm not the real matchy-matchy quilt maker, I know how important it is to get the color palette right and to get the color tones and shades in sync.
 Let's say you want to make a quilt for your guest's bedroom and you want it to be perfectly coordinated with the elements within the room.  Not sure what color choices to make?   Simply take a picture of the room and save it to your computer. 

If you've never, then do so now.  Go to Moda blog aka Moda Cutting Table.  Click on the Palette Builder tab and follow the instructions to load your picture, move and change colors then save to your computer for future reference.  Let the magic begin:  simple as one, two, three.

Here's my  picture - simply chairs.   

Simply Chairs - photo by Marty Mason

The Moda Palette Builder worked its magic

Whether you want more or less, the choice is yours....right at your fingertips in the Moda Palette Builder.   Moda's blog,  now that's a good thing.

Marty Mason

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