Friday, June 16, 2017

Getting organized for the weekend ~

Getting organized is probably the hardest part..   The what-do-I-do-this-weekend question must first be answered.   Here's how I do it ~
  1. I know I'll be doing a thread-sketching demonstration for the modern group here in the Monroe/West Monroe area and have put off until the last minute getting the final prep work done.  That in itself is so unlike me....I've always told folks that if I'm not early, then you can bet that I've forgotten!!!
  2. I know I want to start my gift-making for the kids in my life for their little bit of Christmas cheer from their Auntie Mart.  Isn't starting Christmas in July a good thing? 
  3. And, finally, I  know I have just a wee bit of quilting to do to finalize my part in a July demonstration. 
There you have it - my to do list.  Now to get organized so the fun can begin.   First things first.

Thinking about what I want to accomplish in the thread-sketching demo:
  • Get the participants inspired will be my number one goal.   That means we'll keep it easy and very doable for even the non-artist novice at the sewing machine.  My thread-sketching style is very free-flowing, abstract and a little bohemian. 
botanicals thread sketched on old book paper

  • This demo is not about being an's about being whimsical and fun.  Just to relax the group, we'll be doing a bit of sketching then we'll  take it to the sewing machine. 
back of man on the street - thread sketching with simple drawing

  • Finally, I'll show the group how to  put the finishing touches on their thread-sketching once they get their work of art home.
Here is "Collette" finished and framed ready to display on a bookshelf.

I've found the pattern so now can get the fabric organized to make those pillowcase gifts. 
  • I have 3 boys and 7 girls in  my family to make for this year....ages 3 to 17  and each child gets a style of his own.  And my housekeeper has the most precious 5 year old that I enjoy adding to my gift list.  Do you see why I like to start my Christmas to-do list in July! 
  • Each pillowcase requires 3 fabrics so that will require a lot of fabric pulling, sorting and auditioning from my running to the quilt shop today. 
auditioning fabric for pillow cases

  • I'm hoping to have time to get all 11 pillowcase fabrics cut to get even more organized.  This will probably be my next quilting retreat project and I don't want to haul all that fabric with me.  Come July, I'll be ready to sew. 
That's a lot to do in one weekend, so I'll just save the quilting on the July demo for another day.  Whatcha think? 

Quilt sampler for Circles Demo

Marty Mason

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  1. I love the thread sketching idea! It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.


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