Tuesday, June 6, 2017

No. 3 ~ Fabulous Quilt Guild Activity

"Ferris Wheel" designed by Karen Griska.  Karen says this is a fun way to make a fan quilt, and I couldn't agree with her more.  It finishes at 65" x 81" and is very scrap friendly.  It's not too complicated for one just learning to quilt and not to simple that one more advanced would be bored with its construction.   

Karen instructs us to cut strips  2"wide but I fudged another 1/4"  and had no regrets.  I'd rather waste a bit of fabric than struggle to make a strip fit into a tight mold.  That 2 1/4" strip of fabric made life grand.  An 8 1/2" square ruler is also  highly recommended.  I'm not one to just go purchase a ruler, but a dear friend had a spare and how lucky am I.  It really saved the squaring-up-block-day.

Karen Griska Ferris Wheel Quilt Pattern pieced by Marty Mason

I just finished my quilt top and with a little bit of searching, I'll have the back ready and on the quilting machine in no time. 

Karen's Ferris Wheel quilt  pattern is priced fairly at $5 and is at my fingertips downloaded to my computer.    Not into that scrappy look?  Then, check out the two color block in her 2014 blog post.  Is that not a stunner? 

It's a great group project quilt.....don't we all have different strips of fabric, so there is no look-alike in the group. 

Marty Mason

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