Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Triangle Math ~

Whoever said math had to be hard! 

While working on all those orphan blocks Christie gifted me the other day, I found almost enough to get this little floor pallet/quilt done.  I say almost, because I had to make two more blocks and they don't even begin to match the other 18.....but do you think that toddler cares?  No, I don't either.
quilt top measures 34" x 42" - toddler size

When I finished, I realized that this plain Jane didn't make my heart go pitter-patter so had to come up with a plan.  In the Pat Sloan quilt workshop I was a party to a couple of months ago, I learned to take ordinary quilt tops and applique something profound on, this quilt top became background on which to applique a kid-pleasing pattern.

I first put the pink elephants on the 9-patch blocks and the little dears just got lost.  After adding the black with white dots, they came alive again.
quilt top measures 34" x 42" - toddler size
Pink elephants took away a whole lot of plain out of this toddler meant-to-be-used-everyday quilt.

But, back to the point of this post - doing the math for those side, top,  bottom and corner triangles when the quilt blocks are set on point.  Sure, you can do the math and Generations Quilt Patterns has an entire blog post on the topic and how simply the math is done.  BUT, there is also a downloadable, printable chart with the cutting dimensions for those common block sizes.  Keep it  handy and your math is done.
Triangle math....that sounds a lot like geometry to me but I love it. 

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